What is a ROBOMITO

Sensory input is what defines you.

With the stellar amount of variety on all the different parts of its cybernetic body, a Robomito will be crafted from a number that exceeds trillions of unique combinations. A factory of factors will create 3333 new android identities and modify it according to its character, and fate will present it to your ownership.

  • ► Highly detailed 3D avatars
  • ► High Resolution renders for 2D avatar images
  • ► 100+ Attribute Variety
  • ► 3D Print option
  • ► Digital Downloads for both the 3D and 2D avatars
  • ► Metaverse Integration
  • ► Special Serial ID engraved on your Robomito
  • ► Exclusive 360° view in the Robomito App
  • ► Virtual Avatar for chat calls or videos and streams as a Vtuber


After the creators freed them into the depths of the matrix, the identities were left to their own devices. They followed their will and in time they fashioned themselves as they’ve seen fit.


We live in 3D

One of the goals of this project is to unite our Robomitos with their owners. Instead of just providing still images, we plan to make them fully yours in 3D then connect you into them by transferring your personality inside. Ominous? That’s right!

An App with a Purpose

After launch an app will be developed which will give the owners exclusive access to view to their Robomito in 360°. This app will continuously be filled with features from 3D printing, to displaying a Robomito as a virtual avatar on cyberspace, whether as a Vtuber or in the Metaverse. It will also allow digital downloads to be imported in traditional 3D programs therefore opening the doors for unlimited use in other ways.

And much more of our ideas will shape themselves with the community feedback, and how the owners want to use their Robomitos.

Your Identity/ 君の身元

We aim your Robomito to be your virtual avatar. A persona you can become on chat calls, in videos you record, podcasts and games you are streaming as a Vtuber, maybe even in the virtual reality games you play, or hanging around in the Metaverse with your friends. Not just a soulless machine which will catch dust and doomed to be forgotten, but a permanent service for your cyber body which comes alive on your own will.

Digital Events

In the age of internet where sociality often occurs virtually, we will present you with events where you can celebrate in unison with others while adorning your favourite Robomito. We will collaborate with DJs and other artists who will ensure you to have a good time.


Truly, the bionic hand is made of diamond only if it’s in a full pocket. And we will make sure they are full with airdrops right after the launch. On top of that random Robomito owners will gain a chance at getting their chosen avatar image animated. Not to mention on the road we will upgrade every Robomito avatar image with a clean and sharp 4K render.


By joining Robomito you will gain access to our hydraulic and cable ridden community. We will keep an ear on your words through Discord, Instagram and Twitter. The robots might look intimidating first, but don’t be shy, they love listening to you.

The Future and Beyond

The creators’ speciality have always been cyberspace. Their electric tore the dark and rose many skies high before.

With our teams’ experience on physics engines as well as numerous creation tools, whether about 3D modelling, programming and animation, we will prioritize integrating Robomito in other dimensions: games and metaverse. We will decisively focus on making new environments for our community to thrive in and simply become alive. Our project will fund those new worlds and Robomito owners will find within special rewards waiting for them.


We are a team of educated industry veterans who have originally worked on numerous gaming projects. It’s been our job to combine art with software and now we’re carrying our work onto a blockchain with ease.




Lead Artist




Content Writer


Creative Associate


Public Relations